What We Do

Every accessory is hand crafted out of recycled t-shirt material. A dollar per item sold is donated to a treatment center for addiction. We are recycling t-shirts and recovering lives, one day at a time.


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More about Recover T


To all synergetic free spirits, dreamers, and wanderers,

My name is Evelyn, founder of Recover T, Inc. Recover T is about second chances. It’s about giving back to what saved my life and helping others to find the light and peace that I have found in recovery. Recover T began when I was fresh out of treatment, rediscovering my life, and still under financial restrictions. I had no money to buy gifts for all of the people that had helped me along in my journey, and so I got creative. My accessories gained quick popularity and demand. I was invited to display my goods at a local charity event, and that was that. Dharma knocked, and I finally could hear it. My vision snowballed, backed with passion, gratitude and a drive to succeed in my new way of life. You can now find Recover T in several local Tampa Bay area boutiques, local pop-up markets, Etsy, and social media forums.

All Recover-T products are handmade in Tampa, Florida. $1 per item sold is donated to Turning Point of Tampa.